Visible Changes Hair Group

10252012_10151943042547024_7088429553038540814_nHere at Visible Changes we carry a variety of products that are available for purchase in the main reception area. The products we choose to carry are always based on how well we believe each individual product works. Our stylists play a huge role in what we choose to carry.

As an ARROJO Ambassador Salon, we are proud to announce that we carry a full line of ARROJO products, the independent hair care brand created by Nick Arrojo.

For seven seasons Nick was the hair stylist on TLC’s What Not to Wear, and has a long history of product development for the likes of Wella and Bumble and Bumble, before creating his own line, which is now used professionally at ARROJO studio, a multi-award-winning New York City hair salon synonymous with excellence and integrity.

The ARROJO product collection is youthful and modern, and aims to give fuss-free and simple hair solutions. A key ingredient in nearly all ARROJO products is Vitamin B5. The most sophisticated active ingredient in hair care, it is proven to moisturize hair, smooth the cuticle, and anti-oxidize. Custom-blended for luxury with professional performance, other products are filled with essential proteins and minerals, and effective natural ingredients. All providing maximum benefits for your hair and scalp.

Modern, functional, fashion-forward, ARROJO product empowers each person to find the freedom to create beautiful shape and style .


Awapuhi Wild Ginger®

Treat hair from the inside out with every wash, condition and style. The color-safe Awapuhi system features a rich, 100% sulfate-free shampoo, deep conditioners and modern styling products that hydrate and protect as long as you wear them. Transform dry, damaged hair with the revolutionalry Awapuhi Wild Ginger collection.




Discover high performance essentials for every guys arsenal. Men’s grooming as an industry is growing by leaps and bounds as more guys take an interest in the way they look, and many companies are taking notice. Paul Mitchell’s new collection, MITCH, is one such response to this industry growth. Described as a “fresh, fail-proof collection of products for any style situation,” MITCH’s 7 products work for a variety of hair types and styles. With names like Double Hitter, Hardwired, and Barber’s Classic (shampoo/conditioner, spiking glue, and pomade respectively), Paul Mitchell says that the products are made to be easy to use in any situation


TruthAboutCurls Paul Mitchell
Do you have a love/ hate relationship with your curls? The trouble with curls is that they require a little TLCC, tender loving curl care. The key to keeping your curls from misbehaving is to choose hair care products that nourish, hydrate and protect your tresses. Paul Mitchell understands the unique needs of curly hair and has designed a hair care system that helps to tame your tendrils. So, now you can put down your flat iron and start embracing your curls. You’ve got em’, why not flaunt em’?